Breakfast with Bill Veghte of Microsoft

As a registered partner with Microsoft or perhaps as a SBS (Small Business Specialist), I had been invited to hear Bill Veghte of Microsoft speak today on Office 2007 and Vista.  There was a short demo of stuff I’ve seen about 10 times already and then there was some discussion about the needs in the DFW area for Microsoft Partners (typically this means Certified and Gold Partners not Registered or SBS) to get some traction in.  Two of the three he mentioned were right up my alley.  One was Sharepoint and Collaboration, the other was Unified Messaging with Live Communications Server and Communicator.

 I’d be very interested in working with both of these.  I’m going to start focusing my learning on these programs.

I have requested through various channels, TS2 presenters, MSWish, the maps people that partners get some licenses for Communicator to play with in the Action Pack.  No dice so far.  Maybe someone will decide that if they’d like partners to become competent in it, that the licenses for the software would be a good thing to distribute.

 I have been playing with the beta 2 (?) of Sharepoint v3 and LOVE it!!  I think it is going to be an amazing product.  Sharepoint v2 is good, but it’s got a lot of short comings.  One-way linking to Exchange contacts or events is marginally handy.  Keeping documents in a Sharepoint repository and still having them available for laptop or other remote users is not a great story.  It looks like a lot of that is changing in v3.  I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about it, so I’ll leave it at that.  If you have an interest in Sharepoint, it’s going to get a LOT better very soon.


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