.NET and Programming in C#

Last year, I took some classes on Programming in C#.  I’ve always been interested in programming and am looking forward to leveraging these skills to assist in building web parts and other design work.  I’ve got a list about as long as my arm of projects I’d like to work on.  So far I haven’t actually started coding any of them.

I thought I’d mention it because it is through the North Dallas .NET User’s Group that I started to take an interest in it.  The group met in Plano (where I used to live) and I attended meetings for about a year before I decided to jump in with both feet and take the classes.

I took the classes at SMU – Legacy, now a sponsor for the NDDNUG.  The classes were based on MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum) which I thought was TERRIBLE for actually transferring information.  The class format was lecture with hands-on-labs; if you call uncommenting code and recompiling “hands-on”.  Overall, I was significantly underwhelmed with the experience and would NOT be able to recommend it to anyone.

About the only good thing that came from the classes was that I started to take programming more seriously and started attending the Dallas .NET User’s Group, the C# SIG (a part of the Dallas .NET User’s Group) and also the North Texas SQL Server User’s Group.  I enjoy the meetings and learning new stuff from people who know WAY more than I do.  I’ve met a lot of really interesting people through there and would recommend all of these groups to anyone.

I don’t go to the North Dallas .NET group anymore because I’ve moved to north Fort Worth area (Watauga), but I’d recommend them highly also.

I went to the last meeting of the Fort Worth .NET User’s group and enjoyed it immensely too.  It’s a lot smaller than the Dallas or North Dallas groups and attendees have a great chance to ask questions that they might not get at one of the bigger groups.  I definately intend to keep going.


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