Treo 700xw

I’ve gotten a chance to play with one of these for the last several days.  I really like it.  I think the interface is quite handy.  The keyboard adds a great deal of functionality without making it a huge device.  Perhaps one of my favorite features is that it has a ringer button on the top of the phone!!  How amazingly simple!  I LOVE IT!!  I used a Pocket PC for a while (Dell Axim Xsomething or another).  While I loved having access to all of my calendar, and contact information, putting information back into the device was a PAIN in the butt!.  

I understand that the Treo 700xw will take a 4G SD card.  I haven’t tried this yet, but this would give me a bunch of audio MP3s from Technet to listen to. 

The downsides of the phone?  So far, I’m having a lot of problems getting access to my server from the Treo.  When I try it from home, it tells me that the signal is dropped and i should try again.  I have never been able to complete the operation.  I get only the last bar for signal with Sprint.  I don’t know if another carrier would make a difference or not, but that’s a fairly signficant failing since the data connectivity is the main reason I’d go with a phone like this.  I’m thinking about returning it.

While not a big deal, I understand the blue tooth connectivity won’t let me listen to audio on my blue-tooth headset.  Not a show stopper, but sure is a drag.  Maybe the next version will get this going.

I haven’t played with much else about it because I need it to sync with the server or it’s just not that useful to me yet.  Maybe I’ll write more on that later.


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