Talked to Julie from Nortel about AS1000 (?)

Nortel and Microsoft have formed a strategic alliance.  Nortel is supposed to be coming out with a IP PBX box geared towards smallish companies.  It’s designed to work with Live Communicator Server 2005 and the new Office 2007 version called Office something or another.  I don’t know what the status of it is, but it’s a product I’ll be watching. 

I’ve had an interest in getting something with this kind of functionality for quite a while.  We’ll see how it works out.

 The functionality I’m referring to, in case you’re not conversant with it, is presence awareness and telephony.  The big dream is to have one phone number that would ring at my desktop when I’m there, at my laptop when I’m there, or on my mobile.  It would automatically sense where I was and forward it to me.  

As I understand it, I’d have to pay for a SIP provider and then have the software / hardware internally to do this.  Julie said she’d get me pricing information on the product when she could.  I’m also going to be enquiring into their partner program. 

Communications and Collaboration is where I want to be going forward.


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