Sharepoint Videos GALORE!!

This isn’t new.  Many of these have been out for quite a while.  However, I’ve just discovered many of them and thought someone else might appreciate it too.

 I’m having problems getting them downloaded.  The small ones have been no problem.  The link says DOWNLOAD, but on my system it fires up a Windows Media Player window and starts playing them.  If I select Save As… while it’s loading, it will let me copy them.  Twice it’s cancelled part of the way through because it said the file was corrupt. 

 Here’s the links if you’re interested.

2007 Office System Video:
Enterprise Content Management 

2007 Office System Video:  Portals 

2007 Office System Video:  Windows Sharepoint Services Platform 

2007 Office System Video:  Business Intelligence 

2007 Office System:  How Do I Screencasts got all of these and have watched a lot of them now. 

This document is a fantastic comparison of the different versions of Sharepoint. 


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