Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

The family went to the Botanical Gardens today.  It’s free.  I’ve never been there before, but Frances and the kids have gone a couple of times.  We had had a trip planned for a couple of weeks before and it got cancelled because of work reasons, so I didn’t end up going.

 It rained for much of last night here, and apparently down there too.  There was a lot of standing water, but the place was just gorgeous.  I really had a great time walking around.

Here’s a related story, that I think is pretty interesting.  When Frances and I moved to Phoenix back in 1998, I went to my last AT with the Marine Reserve and Frances stayed in Phoenix and went to work at the landscape architect position that we had moved to the area to get.  When I got back, she surprised me with a membership to the Desert Botanical Garden.  As a crazed jarhead, I mostly thought this was a bizarre waste of money.  How much fun could it be to look at plants?  I was in for a shocking surprise!  Phoenix sits in the middle of the Sonorran Desert and the plant life there is quite varied and immensely interesting.  I was fascinated to see Boojum trees, saguaro cacti, ocotillos, succulents and a vast array of other flowering, towering plants which I thought were just stunning!  I had to eat crow, and Frances was justified in her purchase and we renewed it for most of the time we were there.

Fort Worth’s Botanical Garden is very beautiful.  There’s a vast array of plants that were very pleasant to see.  I’d not be able to tell you about a lot of them, because with at 2.5 year old and a 4 year old, the time to read about the plants is greatly reduced.  However, they had a big section of aromatic plants (they smell nice), several rose gardens, a forest walk-through on a raised platform walkway which was quite fascinating. 

Allen picked up a pocketful of acorns and attempted to share them with the squirrels that we saw along the way.  He didn’t get any takers, but I was very impressed with his kindness to the squirrels.

Anastasia was most fascinated with the water.  There are fountains all over the place and she was quite interested in splashing and playing in every one of them.  She was also greatly enthralled by splashing in every puddle that she saw.  She especially liked the ones with a hard bottom so that she could splash them even farther.

Frances and I did get a chance to look around and enjoy the plants.  We found snails, squirrels, birds and saw a LOT of stuff that we would have liked to have time to actually look at.  Perhaps we’ll be able to go back sometime and spend some time by ourselves looking and appreciating.

Also of interest, was the saltwater aquarium that was in the lobby of the visitor’s center.  I think the kids had as much fun looking at that as anything else that we saw.

Did I mention that it’s free?  Great place to visit.


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