.NET 3.0 Framework

This just went gold a couple of days ago.  I’ve just downloaded it.  I’ve been waiting on it to go gold before I put up my own Sharepoint v3 site.  I’ve got several sites I want to host on my own servers.  I still need the Sharepoint Services to release (I think) and then I’ll be able to get it up and running.

The talk on what the v3 framework brings to the table was quite interesting.  It looks like there are four primary components, each of which add functionality to the v2 framework.  It looks like a LOT of work has been done on this.  In case you aren’t aware, v3 Sharepoint requires the Workflow Foundation which is a component of the v3 framework.

There’s also a download which adds v3 functionality to Visual Studio 2005.  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=19f21e5e-b715-4f0c-b959-8c6dcbdc1057&DisplayLang=en

After the very interesting presentation on .NET 3.0 Framework, Caleb offered to take people to a “pub club”.  I was one of 5 other people to attend and had a very interesting night listening to other very interesting people.  I’m not really strong in the .NET world, but I expect to be acquiring this skill set.

I had a good time explaining why I was so late getting home, but it was a good time and worth it.


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