Sharepoint group… not there

I went last night to the Sharepoint User’s Group which I thought was going to be meeting then.  Rick Herrerra, Microsoft sponsor of the group, had told me about it Friday at an Office training event.  I must have miss understood him because the only UG that was there was one on Business Intelligence.

The lady at the desk, whose name I neglected to get, was VERY helpful.  She tried calling him, paging him and even called a couple of other people to try to confirm about the event.

We weren’t able to get in touch with anyone about it, so there’s several likely possibilities.  I didn’t get the invite correct, it’s on a later Tuesday.  The group doesn’t meet on the Microsoft campus.  I just assumed it did. 

In the course of trying to discover this information, Caleb Jenkins, Microsoft Developer Evangelist came down to talk to me and try to find out what was going on.  He wasn’t able to make any more headway, but I was very pleased that he took the time to see if he could help.

He was doing a presentation on .NET framework 3.0 at the Fort Worth .NET User’s Group later that night, so I decided to just go there since I’d already cleared my absense with my wife and kids.

I was pretty disappointed however.  I’ve been looking forward to the event for a while.  Sharepoint has become the MS product which I am most excited about.  Also, I’d cancelled dinner with some very good friends of mine to attend, and I was very sorry to have had to postpone that engagement to attend.


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