Playing ball with Allen, the dogs, Hide and Seek

Allen got a T-ball set for his birthday back in July.  I recently re-discovered it after our move and we’ve been playing with it.  He’s really enjoyed hitting the ball off of the T thing, but has decided that it’s nowhere near as good as having Dad throw them for him.We spent quite a while tonight and last night doing this.  We’ve been using whichever balls we can find laying around and I’ve been trying to use the bigger ones that are pretty soft, to avoid any broken windows.  We have been doing pretty well, but he’s now knocked two of the balls into the backyard of our neighbors.  We walked over to ask if we could get them, but they weren’t home.  It looks like they still weren’t home tonight, so we’re down two balls until they get back.They have a pretty tall fence and I don’t think it’d be a good idea to go get them since we’ve never even introduced ourselves to them yet. 

We have also gotten to be friends with the golden Labrador retriever in the yard behind ours.  It used to be that he and his friend would stand and bark at us whenever we were in the back yard.  The other one still does, but the lab will come to the fence and let us pet him.  He’s always seemed really friendly, just that he was being cajoled into barking by the other dog.  I’ve enjoyed petting him.  It’s nice to pet a BIG dog!Shadow and Little Dog have gotten much better about coming when called.   They’ll both stand still and be picked up now.  That’s a huge improvement over just a couple of weeks ago.  It seems they like to get petted and will even lay in our laps and sleep if we’ll let them.  They’re still not completely house broken, but I think they’re getting close.  Little Dog pissed me off a couple of days ago.  It had rained in the night and the grass was wet.  I picked the dogs up and carried them to a part of the yard where the grass wasn’t too high so they wouldn’t get soaked from the rain-laden grass.  Shadow did his thing and Little Dog just took off into the house.  They ran to the back bedroom where
Frances was sleeping and got almost there before Little Dog started to pee on the carpet.  I was pretty put out with him.  I tossed him back in the yard and cleaned it up.  He had to stay out there for a couple of hours until everyone else was up.  Punk dog.

Allen and Anastasia have been playing Hide and Seek really well lately.  We played for quite a while tonight. Allen’s getting really good.  It used to be that he’d go hide, but if you got close to him, he’d jump out and start laughing really loud and say “HERE I AM!!”.   Now he hides really well, and were it not for a cough or some other noise signal, I probably wouldn’t be able to find them.  Tonight he hid in the closet behind a pillow.  If it weren’t for him shifting around when I walked out of Anastasia’s room after looking for him in there, I probably wouldn’t have found him.Anastasia still needs work.  She loves to hide in the last place that Allen hid.  She’s getting a lot better about hiding too.  She still seems to get a
LOT more enjoyment out of jumping up and yelling “SURPRISE!!” than in successfully hiding.  I’ve tried to introduce them to the concept of “base” and “safety” but they don’t seem to be interested in it.  I guess it’s not that big of a deal since Dad is pretty well always the seeker.

I just noticed it’s 1am and I have a OEM briefing to attend tomorrow on
Vista and Office 12.  I’d better go.

By the way, I read on the blogmailr site yesterday that it looks like the problem I was having with mailing may be fixed.  If so, this will be the first one I’ve done that way.


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