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October meeting of DFW-SBS

October 28, 2006

Last nights meeting was on SSL VPNs.  I missed the first part of it because there was a hold up with the pizza (I go to pick it up.)

 Jonathan Merrill spoke on an Open Source program called SSL Explorer.  He discussed how he had used it to put into place to get the hospital where he works used to the SSL idea.  Once they got used to the security, they became less tolerant of the limitations of the software and went with an appliance from AEG (I think – I have it written down, but I don’t care enough to go find it.)

They discussed their box and the capabilities it provides.  It was very interesting.  The price point was probably a lot more than most of our members’ clients would shell out, but for those that have clients who are accountants or attorneys or doctors and have regulatory compliance hanging over their heads, it looked like it would be a pretty interesting story.

We got the By-Laws and Constitution passed.  Gary Paden has really taken the bull by the horns to get this done.  I really appreciated his work in getting it finished.  I had made nominations for Secretary – Bill Leeman and Treasurer – Fred Magee.  I was nominated for President (I accepted.).  We discussed that our next meeting was not going to be until December 7 since the meetings are the fourth Thursday from Jan – Oct and then the first Thursday in December.