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Allen’s excellent football

October 28, 2006

We went to a mall tonight, and I don’t even know where it was.  It was one of those outdoor malls which seem to be the new fad.  I hate them, by the way.  I much prefer the air-conditioned comfort of a real mall. 

They had a fountain out side with several jets of water.  Allen discovered a mini-nerf football in the fountain and became enamored of the idea of retreiving it.

We had come to the place to see the Barnes and Noble there that was HUGE!!  As I didn’t want him trudging around the place drenched, I told him I’d try to talk his mother into it and get it on the way back.

We spent some time in Barnes and Noble, developing a wishlist for the kids for Thanksgiving (we exchange gifts on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas – it’s OUR family tradition.)  The kids had a grand time playing with the wooden Thomas the train playset. Anastasia found a Disney Princess sticker book that she thought she HAD to have and a Dora the Explorer book.  Allen was too busy playing with the trains to look at books.

On the way out, Frances and I debated the merits of letting him get it.  After I won the “should he do it” we moved on to the “how much of his clothing should he remove to do it” discussion.  Frances was all for taking the pants off, but I insisted that rolling them up would be sufficient.   The water was freezing cold.  I half-way suspected that he’d get in and decide to jump right out.

My son was DEAD SET on getting that ball.  He followed my instructions to stay out of the jets of water and the falling fountain water and made a bee-line for that football.  He snatched it up and was thrilled to have it.  I had rolled his pants up almost to his butt.  They were pretty loose, so I thought that would work.  As soon as he hit the water, they dropped and his pants and the lower part of his shirt were completely soaked.  Frances looked at me as though she had been completely right (and she was) but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to have had him remove the pants.

Anastasia dipped her feet in the water, and was distraught that she didn’t get a chance to go “swimming” too, but she survived.

Allen took the wet pants off when he got in the car, and Mom gave him a coat to put over his legs to keep him warm.

The kids weren’t impressed with the “mall” at all because it didn’t have a playground.  Standards.  You’ve got to have them.  Even without them, I think we all had a good time.