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Small Business Specialist Meeting with Michael Risse

October 28, 2006

Today I had the opportunity to be in a room with Michael Risse of Microsoft.  He’s the head of the Mid-Market Segment of Microsoft.  I was surprised to find that Microsoft considers Mid-Market to be 25 – 250 PC’s.  That seemed like a pretty big playground.

 There were five companies represented, three of which are members of the DFW-SBS group.  Three of us were small IT shops for whom the SBSC designation was significant.  I’m not sure about one of the other guys, but the last two gentlemen were from the same company and had 10 MCSE’s on staff.  I felt like he didn’t really represent the SBS Community, but who am I to judge.

Charlie Ramirez, a PAM with Microsoft who covers OK,TX,AR, and LA (Louisiana – not the city), was also there.  He’s based in Austin, so it was nice to see him.  He does a weekly partner webcast which I have not been diligent enough in attending.  I sent him an email with a list of some of my suggestions and I’m hoping he won’t blast me by saying “if you’d listen to the podcasts, you’d know all of this…”

I appreciated the effort that Microsoft made to listen to the field.  I don’t know that we said anything that he hadn’t heard a LOT before from others because he would start shaking his head in agreement as soon as someone would bring something up.   I think they said they’d just come from a similar meeting with Gold and Certified partners, so I guess he was up to his ears in “feedback”.

For all of the crap that one could give Microsoft, I think they are at least trying to learn from previous mistakes and work more closely with the partners.  I can appreciate the effort if not the end results.